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Cooperation on the industrial symbiosis and circular economy project

On Thursday, November 17, 2022, representatives of the Center for Circular Economy of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad visited the Free Zone Pirot.  The study visit is part of the project to determine the potential of economic entities in industrial and free zones for the development of industrial symbiosis with the proposal of a software solution for implementation support as an initial part of the circular economy.

"The circular economy represents an economic model that strives for long-lasting products and the return of all waste materials to production processes, implying efficient use of resources and reduced environmental pollution while achieving financial savings and creating new business opportunities.  The solutions offered by this concept are based on the processes that take place in nature every day, whereby the waste of one industry is a raw material for another industry."  Quotation from the publication "Circular economy - closing the circle."

During the visit, representatives of the Center visited 2 users, D-Company and Teri Inženjering, with the aim of understanding the flow of materials and seeing the potential of the aforementioned companies for industrial symbiosis based on the principles of the circular economy.  We support the project and continue to cooperate on the implementation of the proposed activities.


Improvement of energy efficiency in the Free Zone Pirot
Increased electrical capacity in the Free Zone Pirot
A 630 KVA transformer was put into operation
A 630 KVA transformer was put into operation
Cocktail of the Administration for Free Zones
Acknowledgments to employees
The successful 2022 ended with the distribution of packets for the youngest
The successful 2022 ended with the distribution of packets for the youngest
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Nikole Pasica, str., 18300 Pirot
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