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The main goal of the development of intermodal transport in Serbia is the optimization of the transport network by using all available natural and infrastructural resources on the principle of intermodality and increasing the overall transport efficiency.

Free Zone  Pirot continues to support the implementation of the project of the City of Pirot, Logistics Center Pirot, which contains two main components: infrastructurally equipped land and intermodal terminal.

Logistics Center Pirot will enable quickly transfer goods from railways to trucks and vice versa and connect with other intermodal hubs of Southeast Europe and improve existing transport lines between the industrial zone in Pirot and ports such as Varna, Burgas, Thessaloniki, Smederevo, Constanza and others intermodal hubs of Southeast Europe and the World.

  • Logistički centar Pirot - Plan detaljne regulacije


Construction of an intermodal terminal within the Logistics Center Pirot will contribute to cargo mobility, more efficient use of means of transport, quality of logistics and ancillary services, increase of activities and competitiveness of the Republic of Serbia in transit flows of goods, with better use of domestic resources and reduction of freight transport costs. And with reducing bad impact to the environment and with the use of rail transport as a cheaper and more friendly regarding the environment.

The projected capacity of the Logistics Center Pirot, according to the feasibility study, is 12,000 TEU per year. Investments together with the amount of technical contingents amount to about € 12.8 million and this project, according to the feasibility study, will create about 4,200 jobs. Phased construction of the terminal is planned, in the first phase with three railway tracks: 304m, 304m and 548m and a plateau, while in the second phase it is planned to extend the tracks to 650-680m.

The Project Logistics Center Pirot, in addition to the Intermodal Terminal on an area of 3.7 ha, envisages infrastructural equipping of 38 ha of land for new warehouses, factories and other business facilities, construction of 3.2 km of roads and other necessary business and industrial infrastructure.


The Project Logistics Center Pirot will be located right next to the railway, on the stretch Nis - state border with Bulgaria within the Free Zone Pirot, only 500 meters far away from the connection to the new Corridor X highway.

An additional advantage of the location is the proximity of two more pan-European corridors: IV and VIII