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The Freight Forwarding Sector of the Free Zone "Pirot" a.d., is engaged in providing import and export customs clearance services as well as providing all other services related to customs clearance of goods to the users of the Zone and third parties.

Organized through its three services (Import Service, Export Service and Customer Monitoring Service), the Freight Forwarding Sector provides the following types of customs representation services at:
  • Transit of goods;
  • Warehousing of goods;
  • Import customs clearance of goods;
  • Export customs clearance of goods;
  • Active and passive processing  of goods;
  • Tariffing of goods;
  • Electronic orders;
  • Electronic reports;
  • Expert advice and instructions regarding customs regulations and classification of goods according to the customs tariff;
  • Mediation in drafting requests for all types of inspections;
  • Preparation of requests and professional assistance in customs administrative and misdemeanor proceedings;
  • Issuance of bank guarantees.
  • Custom representation services
  • Custom representation services


  • Integrated transport services
  • Integrated transport services
Sector of Integral Transport of the Free Zone "Pirot" deals in the organization, coordination and control of transport of goods (finished products, raw materials, spare parts, etc.) both for the needs of customers and for the needs of third parties, on the domestic and international market by all means of transport and all transport routes, as well as providing intellectual related services.

Integrated transport organization services at all international destinations:
  • Truck and rail transport for certain destinations
  • Container transport
  • Part-load consignment, goods in lot


Transport sector of the Free Zone "Pirot" engage in the organization and transport of containers in international transport for the needs of the client.

Our drivers have all licenses for the transport of goods in international transport, including licenses for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR). 

An advisor for d safety of dangerous goods, who has all the necessary certificates is responsible for compliance with all legal obligations in the transport of dangerous goods.
  • Container transportation services
  • Container transportation services


  • Customs terminal services
  • Customs terminal services
The customs terminal within the Free Zone has an area of 5.000m2 with secured parking space for transport vehicles.

It is physically and technically secured 24 hours a day, fenced and lighted. Trucks and user vehicles could enter the customs terminal from 0 am to midnight every day of the year.

Users of the terminal have access to an air-conditioned room with Wi-Fi, as well as toilets with showers.

Within the terminal there is a restaurant with fresh prepared meals and a car wash that provides car wash services inside and out.

Within the terminal, there is also a Customs Office for customs supervision, in which all customs procedures are performed, and the working hours of the  Customs office are  from 8 am to 8 pm (working days and Saturdays).


The storage capacities we have are adapted to different types of goods, and only the storage of goods, depending on the needs of users, can be in storage facilities - warehouses and outdoors - on regulated land and on undeveloped land. The total capacity of the closed storage space is 5.000m2, the open storage space (arranged and unarranged) is 1.000m2.

All our facilities are under video surveillance, physically secured 24 hours a day, equipped with electricity, sanitary water and fire protection, with secured access roads and parking.

The minimum storage area that can be rented is 72m2.

  • Goods storage services
  • Goods storage services


  • Renting office space
  • Renting office space
The facilities for performing business activities that we offer for rent to the users of our services are equipped with electricity, sanitary water and fire protection, they are provided with physical and video surveillance 24 hours a day.

The facilities are organized as storage space and, depending on the needs of the users, they are reconstructed and repurposed.


Free zone "Pirot" has two forklifts with a capacity of 2.5 and 5 tons, which are intended for transshipment of all types of goods from road freight vehicles, wagons and containers to warehouses or to other road vehicles or wagons or containers.

The forklifts we have are equipped with the latest technology, which enables the reloading of goods to be done quickly, easily and simply.

We provide transshipment services to both users of our services and third parties.

Our forklifts are registered and can move through traffic. Forklift driver who works with the forklift, are licensed and trained for professional handling of forklifts.
  • Transshipment services
  • Transshipment services


  • Customs supervision
The customs office "Free Zone Pirot" is located in the building of the administrative building of the Zone.

All customs procedures are performed in the branch office, which facilitates the business of users who operate in the zone.

The working hours of the Customs Office are from 8 am to 8 pm (workingdays and Saturdays).

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