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Increasing infrastructure capacity

By the purchase of the production hall "Tubing" and other facilities of the former construction company „Progres“ Pirot, which are located in the complex of the Free Zone Pirot, we continue to increase the capacity of the infrastructure in the Free Zone Pirot. The area of the production hall is about 900 m2 and will be adapted for storage and, if necessary, for production space intended for our users. In addition to the hall, the transformer station "Tubing" was also purchased, which was our priority. The increase the capacity of the transformer station is already underway, which will enable higher electrical power and increase of production capacity, in accordance with the requirements of our users.

The capacity and functionality of the Information and Communication Technology system in the Zone was increased by purchasing new servers with accompanying licenses. This has increased the capacities of the "Team Sharing" software platform, which enables companies operating in the Free Zone Pirot, the Customs office, and our freight forwarding agency to work more efficiently. The platform with installed modules is used to record and automatically process data on the import of raw materials into the Zone and the export of finished products from the Zone, in accordance with the applied customs procedures. In addition to keeping records on imported raw materials and exported finished products, the platform allows our users to "online" track data on arriving trucks and loading order, analytical reports for the selected period and much more.

In addition, operations is being automated in the finance sector of the Free Zone Pirot when it comes to issuing fiscal invoices, electronic invoices, bookkeeping, and for the forwarding sector we have foreseen the digital submission of documents to the Customs Administration, which will significantly simplify data processing.

By upgrading the ICT system, a much greater capacity was achieved for the continuation of digitization of services and further development of software that will enable greater efficiency in the work of our users.


Improvement of energy efficiency in the Free Zone Pirot
Increased electrical capacity in the Free Zone Pirot
A 630 KVA transformer was put into operation
A 630 KVA transformer was put into operation
Cocktail of the Administration for Free Zones
Acknowledgments to employees
The successful 2022 ended with the distribution of packets for the youngest
The successful 2022 ended with the distribution of packets for the youngest
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Joint stock company Free zone "Pirot"
Nikole Pasica, str., 18300 Pirot
(+381) 10 215 0 074
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