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Free zone Pirot, is organized as a joint stock company whose majority owner is the company Tigar a.d.


Initiators of the establishment of the Free Zone Pirot in 1996. were twelve business entities from the territory of the municipality of Pirot, of which funds and land at the establishment of the company were combined:

Tigar a.d.

Municipality of Pirot

HK Progres

Inos Nis


From the establishment until today, there have been changes in the ownership structure, with the majority owner always  has been Tigar ad.


The Free Zone Pirot is one of the first examples of public-private partnership in the economy of the Republic of Serbia, considering that then the Municipality of Pirot, now the City of Pirot became a shareholder of the Free Zone.


Management and administration of the Free Zone Pirot ad, is defined by the Founding Act of the Free Zone Pirot, the Statute and the applicable  Companies Law:

  • Assembly - the supreme and highest governing body of the Company. The Assembly of the Company consists of the shareholders of the Company.
  • Supervisory Board - is the governing body of the company of 7 members, elected by the Assembly of the Company.
  • Executive Director, elected by the Supervisory Board.


Zoran Petrovic


Born in Pirot in 1956. He is, by profession, graduated mechanical engineer.


From 1983.to 1997.he worked in the machine tool factory Sarlah Pirot, and from 1997 to 2001 he worked in the footwear factory Tigar AD. After his first years in design engineering, he performed numerous management jobs in this companies.


He is in the Free zone Pirot since its establishment, and from 2001 to 2021 he performed the duties of Assistant Director in Free zone Pirot.  From June 2021.he was appointed Executive Director of the Free zone Pirot.


Most of his professional career he has been successfully dedicated to the development of Free zone Pirot ad and the institute of Free Zones of Serbia, as an instrument of economic development.


He has completed several educational studies in the field of customs business. Co-author of several professional studies and works in the field of development of Free Zones of Serbia and logistics. Participated in the work of several working groups of competent ministries, Chambers of Commerce, customs administration, Free zone administration in the field of drafting bylaws related to customs operations.


During his work, he was repeatedly awarded for the achieved  results of his work.


Socially engaged throughout the working life in various activities of interest for development and improvement of the quality of life in the local community.


He lives in Pirot and he has one child


President of the Supervisory Board of the Free Zone Pirot - Predrag Vuletic
Predrag Vuletic
Member of the Supervisory Board of the Free Zone Pirot - Pavle Anusic
Pavle Anusic
Member of the Supervisory Board of the Free Zone Pirot - Milan Ilic
Milan Ilic
Member of the Supervisory Board of the Free Zone Pirot - Aleksandar Ciric
Aleksandar Ciric
Member of the Supervisory Board of the Free Zone Pirot - Vladimir Ilic
Vladimir Ilic
PrMember of the Supervisory Board of the Free Zone Pirot - Milan Popovic
Milan Popovic
Member of the Supervisory Board of the Free Zone Pirot - Zlatab Kojic
Zlatan Kojic
Joint stock company
Free zone "Pirot" 
Free Zone Pirot is an infrastructurally built unit equipped to attract foreign investments and provide transport services....
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Joint stock company Free zone "Pirot"
Nikole Pasica, str., 18300 Pirot
(+381) 10 215 0 074
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